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Motorola Xoom Accessories

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Motorola Xoom Batteries & Cradles

The lithium ion battery, which is the same type of battery as the Motorla Xoom Battery, resides within a family of rechargeable batteries available in the market. The way it works is as such: the lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and move back during charging. This type of battery is mostly utilized in portable consumer products. The products include video games, laptops and cellular devices like the Motorola Xoom. This mainly attributes to the slow power discharge when not in use, the lack of effect on a device’s memory and the fact that it has one of the best energy densities. Lithium-ion batteries are also known for their wide variety of shapes and sizes that fit into whichever devices they are used to power. It is relatively lower in weight when compared other energy equivalent batteries. Ni-Cd batteries denote the Nickel-Cadmium battery that is also characterized as a rechargeable battery but uses Nickel Oxide Hydroxide technology. The electrodes for this type of battery are made of Cadmium, hence the name. These types of batteries are used for portable electronics, toys and sometimes in photography equipment. Other applications include computer memory standby, hand-held lamps and novelty items. In special cases, Ni-Cd batteries are normally used in wireless and corded telephones and emergency lighting. The voltage for Ni-Cd batteries can range from 1.2 V to 12 V depending on the different available cell and terminal arrangements. This makes this battery flexible for the aforementioned applications. Advantages of using this type of battery are that it is harder to damage than other batteries and it can have more charge and discharge cycles. Over charging and long term wear and tear do not rapidly affect this battery, making it a good choice for long term applications. Ni-Mh batteries are also known as Nickel-Metal Hybride Batteries. This is an improvement on the Ni-Cd battery with one Ni-Mh battery having the ability to hold two to three times the amount of power as an equally sized Ni-Cd battery. Similar batteries are used in electric car battery applications for a range of modern electric cars. Some of these include the GM EV1 and the Honda EV Plus.

Among the choices in Motorola Xoom accessories is the Motorola Xoom battery. The 25 watts per hour battery powerhouse keeps the Xoom in operation. It offers up to fourteen days standby power, nine hours of power while browsing using 3G, and up to 10 hours when operating over Wi-Fi. It can play back MP3 for about 3.3 days and video for about 10 hours on a full charge. This is of course dependent on usage patterns. A Motorola Xoom case should be bought to ensure that the device stays safe from damage from daily use and the elements as it will not interfered any Motorola Xoom Battery.

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