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Motorola Xoom Accessories

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Motorola XOOM Bluetooth Headsets

Motorola Xoom Bluetooth HeadsetThe Motorola Xoom is a breakthrough device in Tablet Computing. Being Apple Ipad’s major competitor, Motorola had to bring their best game to the table; thus introducing the Motorola Xoom Tablet. The Xoom was released on February 13th 2011 and is an Android Honeycomb powered piece of genius. It offers blazing fast processing power at speeds of 1 GHz via its NVIDIA Tegra 2 AP20 Dual Core Processor. For those who are not too tech-savvy, this means that this machine will not lag or delay you as you conduct the many work and play functions that you expect it to perform. The Xoom comes with memory ranges of 16, 32 and 64 GB capacities to suit the needs of any user. This is an unbridled amount of space especially since the device comes with a Memory Card Expanding Slot of additional maximum space of 32GB. This means that at optimum, this device can hold a whopping 96 GB of data at a time. Even the iPad cannot boast this amount of storage space.

Among the high end features that this phone has to offer is Wireless Connectivity. This device comes with a Bluetooth core specification of Version 2.1, which means that it will be compatible with any Motorola Xoom headset with 2.1 Bluetooth compatibility. It also exhibits the A2DP Audio Profile. A2DP stands for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. This basically is a Bluetooth wireless interface specification (profile) that defines how high quality audio can be streamed from two Bluetooth enabled devices. This means that stereo audio can be streamed continuously to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, music player or other Motorola Xoom accessories for the enjoyment of the device owner. No bulky wires are required to effect this connection because Bluetooth is a wireless technology. Another feature of this device’s Bluetooth functionality is the EDR. EDR stands for Enhanced Data Rate and exhibits better Bluetooth device pairing while still using strength and security. To complement this device’s strong Bluetooth capabilities, a slew of Motorola Xoom Bluetooth headset options are available for this device. One that stands out is the Motorola FINITI® headset that features state of the art 3 microphone noise cancellation technology. This enables the user to be heard in winds of up to 40 miles per hour without wind interference. Another feature of the phone, Motospeak® enables users to dictate text messages to the phone for easy hands free typing of texts and emails. The Motorola Wireless Keyboard is connected via Bluetooth and is tailor made for the more conventional users who opt to use the Xoom as a personal Computer. This gives an option of typing from the virtual keys featured on the Xoom’s 10.1 inch screen. The Motorola Xoom screen protector is a valuable asset toward keeping the screen of this device in pristine position.

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