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Motorola Xoom Accessories

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Motorola Xoom Cases & Pouches

Motorola Xoom CaseThe Motorola Xoom is the first Android tablet to run the 3.0 operating system with full access to the Android Market. It has only been on the market a short time but the Xoom is already shaping up to be a direct contender with Apples iPad. If you are one of the many who have purchased one of these new tablets protective Motorola Xoom accessories are a must buy. Available accessories include screen protectors, protective cases with stands, carrying cases, and skin cases. A Motorola Xoom screen protector is essential for all Xoom owners. Users interface with the Xoom through a touch screen so the likelihood of the screen becoming marred with fingerprints and scratches is very high. Screen protectors are usually urethane based film with one sticky or slightly tacky side that sticks to the devices screen. Some are anti-glare and/or anti-reflective adding more benefits to its use than just simply protecting the screen from scratches. A protective case with a stand is another excellent choice for a Motorola Xoom case. Protective cases are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials.

This type of Motorola Xoom case serves two functions: to protect the Xoom and to act as a stand to make using the Xoom easier. The case opens up like a book and the Xoom slides into one side of the case. The other side can be closed over the Xoom for protection and easy transportation or folded back into a stand. The stand portion of this case is especially useful for typing on your Xoom or watching a video at a good angle. Carrying cases are another great choice for Motorola Xoom owners. Shaped like a briefcase, this kind of case usually opens at the top with a zipper and features padded sides. A padded carrying case allows you to carry your Xoom from place to place easily and also protects your Xoom from harm. If you drop your Xoom when it is in a carrying case or someone bumps into it the Xoom will be protected by the padding. A skin case is usually made of silicon. This case simply wraps around the Xoom and covers the back and the sides of the screen. This kind of case is a good choice if you have a screen protector on your Xoom or if you don't plan on taking your Xoom out of your home often. A skin case protects the back of the tablet from scratches and helps cushion the fall if the Xoom accidentally is dropped. Protective Motorola Xoom accessories are a logical purchase to go with a Xoom. Cases can protect, hold the Xoom in place for typing and video watching and help you transport your Xoom safely from place to place. In the future we can expect to see more and better of the above mentioned Motorola Xoom case. Scientists and designers are making new innovations all the time and we can expect to see these advances spill over into the tablet market.

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