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Motorola Xoom Accessories

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Motorola Xoom Chargers

Motorola Xoom Car ChargerToday is going to be a tricky one. You woke up late and had to skip breakfast as you dash out of the front door. You quickly gather up your belongings which are a jumbled pile of reports, files, your car keys and you Motorola Xoom Tablet. You woke up late because you stayed up even later working on a report that just might end up arriving late after all. Dashing out the door you do not realize the blinking light that tells you your Xoom is running low on batteries. You did not have it plugged in while you worked last night. As you zoom to the office to make it in time for your presentation, the surging traffic and being late are the thoughts occupying your mind. This presentation is a make or break for your career at this company and you do not want anything to go wrong. You pull up to your parking space and bolt out of the car racing toward the main headquarters building. This is where the most major presentations are made. You only have mere minutes to spare and are pacing back and forth in the elevator as you approach the conference room floor. With a few seconds to spare, you set up the presentation using the HDMI-Out connector to the projector, just as the executives walk into the room. The first slide of your presentation graces the screen as you introduce yourself. The room seems to give you blank stares as you continue to talk just to realize that your Motorola Xoom’s battery just died and that you are vigorously describing a blank screen.

This could have all been avoided with a Motorola Xoom car charger.The Xoom comes equipped with a powerful 24.5 W-hr battery that can offer up to 13 days stand-by time, but even that eventually runs out. Motorola Xoom accessories are all designed to prevent such events from taking place. With options ranging from a Standard Dock that charges the machine to a car charger with the same capabilities, power replenishment for this device should not be a problem. Another accessory that comes in handy when on the move is the Motorola Xoom case. The portfolio version gives the Xoom a corporate, distinguished look. These cases protect your Motorola Xoom from damages that come from scratches, spills and drops. This device is a worthwhile investment that does not necessarily come cheap. It would do well for the owner of a Xoom to protect it as much as possible. The protective case, unlike the Motorola Xoom car charger, comes in an array of five colors to suit the tastes of all.

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