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Motorola Xoom Accessories

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Motorola Xoom Charms

Motorola Xoom CharmMotorola Xoom charms come in many shapes and sizes. As devices like the Xoom get more complicated and technologically advanced, more accessories or "add-ons" are beginning to show the same trend. Lets examine a few different types of Motorola Xoom charms, what they're made of and how they enhance the user experience. It is true that charms come in a dizzying array of shapes, colors, sizes and designs. Your most basic type of charm is the stainless steel one with some sort of stone or crystal. Of these, the Motorola Xoom Tablet Amethyst Charm, is a great example. The Amethyst charm features a sturdy stainless steel section that makes up the center of the charm. A nylon loop is located on one end and a neat dolphin design with a stone in the center, on the other. The nylon loop makes it easy to loop the charm to your Motorola Xoom, however since the Xoom does not have a cutout to accommodate a charm it should be used in conjunction with a Motorola Xoom case or cover.

Certain Motorola Xoom Charms have more than one function. For example the Motorola Xoom Stylus charm is a handy charm made to be used as a stylus or the Motorola Xoom Screen Wipe, which as the name implies, is made to be used to clean the screen and keep it free from dust and fingeprints. A number of manufacturers and designers have taken advantage of these types of Motorola Xoom accessories and have released their own specific line. Disney, Mobo, and Hellow Kitty are some of the companies who've licensed notable characters for this purpose. You can find a wide selection of Motorola Xoom charms that feature Taz, Tweety, Mickey Mouse and even characters like Jack Skellington, from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. When it comes to Motorola Xoom Charms, there is a vast selection and an unlimited amount of choices that'll make deciding on a particular one a difficult task.

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