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Motorola Xoom Data Cable

Motorola Xoom Data CableIn addition to the many benefits of owning a tablet device, such as portability and constant access to news and information, data cables for devices like the Motorola Xoom open up new worlds of functionality and help expand the already extensive list of features that these devices support.

Docks - One of the largest Motorola Xoom accessories categories is that of docks -- for charging, listening to music, and and using the tablet as an upright, netbook-style computer. As many manufacturers do, Motorola has produced a series of original docks to expand the uses of its tablet device. The first type of dock is a standard charging dock. It uses the built in Xoom data and charging cable port to connect to the device, and holds it upright while charging. That makes it the perfect accessory for users who want to watch videos on their device, but don't want to risk draining the Motorola Xoom battery completely. Videos can be especially taxing on a tablet's battery, so it's great to be able to charge your device while using it so extensively. For more advanced multimedia functions, there is a thriving market of docks which include speakers and utilities or hands free video chatting. This type of dock is perfect for two-way video chatting as well as watching movies on your tablet. It includes a set of powerful, built-in speakers and performs all of the charging and upright-positioning duties of a standard dock. It works with the included USB data and charging port, giving it out-of-the-box compatibility that requires no time to setup.

Data Syncing - The Motorola Xoom data cable can also be used to connect the device to a personal computer and sync information between the computer's Outlook email program and the Xoom's Android-based calendar and email programs. Many of the mobile industry's most respected data syncing companies have released software which will perform a two-way sync between the Motorola Xoom and applications on your PC. While most users will use this feature with their Outlook installation, syncing software solutions are increasingly supporting syncing with programs like IBM LotusNotes and Novell GroupWise installations. Like the docks offered for the Xoom, the software is automatically engaged through the data port and requires little user input to do its job. All that needs to be done is simply connecting the Motorola Xoom data cable to your computer; from there, everything is done behind the scenes.

Charging on the Go - As with all USB 2.0 data cables, the Motorola Xoom data cable supports charging your device through a USB port on your laptop or netbook PC while you're on the go. This is a great way to top off your battery without having to find the nearest electrical outlet. It also helps ensure that your battery won't lose a charge in the middle of syncing your data. Overal, the uses for a data cable are as limitless as the imaginations of accessories developers. The ability to use the cable with docking devices is a great way to expand the multimedia features of your tablet, as well as enjoy them for longer periods without the worry of a dead battery. And with the increasingly sophisticated syncing solutions that require a data cable for use, it's a great way to make sure you never miss an appointment or event because your Outlook calendar simply never synced with the Android calendar on your tablet. The Motorola Xoom Data cable is an indispensable part of tablet computing.

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