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Motorola Xoom Screen Protector

Motorola Xoom Screen ProtectorThe new Motorola Xoom Android tablet is the leading edge of a revolution in tablet technology. As these devices have become more and more common in society, they have begun to take over roles previously occupied by print media, including note-taking and reading on the go. By using tablets to replace most paper in the workplace (not to mention the outside world!) customers inadvertently expose them to a variety of dangerous conditions: impacts from dropped objects, scratches and nicks, spills, and more can damage the tablet's surface and even the delicate components beneath. Fortunately, an easy solution exists, namely Motorola Xoom accessories called screen protectors that the user can apply to the tablet's touch screen to keep it free from harm. This article will examine two of the most popular types of screen protectors, static adhesive and Skinomi applicator-based, allowing consumers to make an informed choice. Standard and static adhesive protectors are very similar in both form and function. Both consist of a thin sheet of plastic or polycarbonate that adheres to the screen of the Motorola Xoom tablet either through a weak static electrical charge or an adhesive backing. The adhesive used for this purpose is specially designed to peel off without leaving any sticky or unsightly residue; this greatly aids in switching out the screen protector for a new one if the first becomes damaged. Static screen protectors are similarly easy to replace. This ease of switching out old protectors for new is important: generally, products in this category are designed to be somewhat temporary. Most standard and static adhesive protectors will need to be replaced every six months or so as scratches accumulate and edges fray.

A second, more permanent option is the Skinomi Techskin, a type of wet applicator-based Motorola Xoom screen protector which takes somewhat more work to install but can pay off with tough and long-term protection. The key with this type of screen protector is carefully following the instructions to ensure a wrinkle-free fit. Users must first thoroughly clean the surface of the tablet and then carefully apply the adhesive liquid included in the Techskin's kit. After evenly applying the protector (ensuring that no liquid reaches openings in the tablet's external casing) users must leave it for a twenty-four hour period in order to set the solution. Importantly, the tablet must not be used during this process. Proper drying time is essential for a smooth fit. The Techskin's best feature is its rugged durability: the material used for Techskins is highly impact and scratch resistant and when properly applied offers enormous protection with no loss of function. The down side to this durability is the difficulty in removing these protectors if they do become damaged; doing so can be time-consuming and if improperly executed may leave residue on the tablet's screen. Whether adhesive or applicator-based, a screen protector is very important to proper function of the Motorola Xoom tablet. The touchscreen is always face-up and vulnerable to damage when in use, and the tablet itself is far too expensive to replace repeatedly. The best strategy to cope with the dangers of modern life and the delicate nature of modern electronics is a tough Motorola Xoom screen protector. By conducting some preliminary research and listing the uses a new tablet will have, customers can ensure that they find a protector that will meet their needs for years to come.

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