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Motorola Xoom Headset

Motorola Xoom HeadsetThe Motorola Xoom is an excellent tablet device on its own, but with accessories like an external speaker or a Motorola Xoom headset, it can be turned into a central device for entertaining guests or communicating with loves ones. A combination of great external speakers and headsets will enable rich multimedia applications that go beyond the device's built-in features.

External Speakers - The Motorla Xoom's fast processor and widescreen design practically beg it to be used as an entertainment device, but its built-in speaker can take away from its powerful entertainment potential. Luckily, a series of docks have provided both external speakers as well as a way to hook up any standard set of speakers to the Motorola Xoom. Using the Motorola Xoom's USB charging and data port, a dock can be easily connected via the device's USB cable. While some docks include powerful built-in speakers that boost sound quality and volume, others provide a more attractive option: hooking up your own speakers. While it has always been possible to hook up standard speakers through the Xoom's headphone jack, docks that enable this functionality allow the Xoom to stand in an upright position; they allow the speaker cable to be connected either in the rear of the dock, or at the side, minimizing clutter and potential cable tangling. The device even supports more advanced scenarios than just two simple speakers, supporting things like a 2.1 sound system with a subwoofer or even surround sound speaker systems. In addition to external speaker support, many docks for this particular tablet take advantage of its HDMI-out capabilities. This feature is standard with the Xoom, but included microHDMI ports in many multimedia docks make it possible to connect the tablet to a television while in the upright (and charging) position.

Headsets - The inclusion of Bluetooth on this tablet is absolutely essential in supporting a Motorola Xoom Bluetooth headset. While it's worth noting that Motorola itself has made many Xoom-branded Bluetooth headset accessories, the simple fact is that any Bluetooth-enabled headset or headphones will pair with the device seamlessly. Having a Motorola Xoom Headset is a great way to use the built-in cameras for video chatting. Often, using the tablet's included speakers can cause the audio to echo back and forth between those who are chatting. With a headset or a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you can eliminate the external noise and reverberation that can come from using the internal speakers when video chatting. It's also a great way to roam the house if you're only using standard voice chat. Bluetooth has a pretty wide "range" while in use, so you can go grab a cup of coffee without putting your friends or family on hold -- or subjecting them to a long, awkward silence. Wired headsets can also be used with the tablet, although they're quickly falling out of favor with those who prefer the convenience of a wireless solution. These headsets plug in using the tablet's headphone jack; sound comes over the headphones, while the built-in external microphone picks up your voice and transmits it to those you're chatting with. Just the Beginning - These solutions are just the beginning of what is possible with the Xoom's docks and headsets. As Motorola Xoom Accessories manufacturers get more familiar with the device's functions, docks and headset solutions will get increasingly sophisticated and robust.

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